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.​.​.​The Pallid Mask Is Talking​.​.​.

by Marshall Ar.ts

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W.G.G.I.T.Y. 03:47
…hold your heads up high – throw ‘em in the sky!. We gonna give it to ya, we will deliver to ya / Fresh grooves flesh.moves like we. are livin through ya / With the bouja goin wild Jurassic.jura / Our sound is.different from.the rest like it is Uhura / Do ya feel our kiss as time.& room crumble / We are the change of the game.like a fourth quarter fumble / Like the rumble in the Jungle we‘re ready.for champs / The world found. 50 in the slums. but they forgot us in the swamps …The frantic.summons from the swamps….Which.part of Ph’nglui mglw’nafh don’t ya understand / It’s Hastur and.Met Carrefour with.a mic in a. hand / This is the end of the beginning heads are ringing through the land./ We.guide beyond the light.like we‘re your only friend / It is destiny tasked here sun-glassed. and masked /.We’re the answer to the. question that nobody asked / We’re the glimpse of the dark towards a. new era starts / Tear down the.monarchs Hallelu Marshall Ar.ts.
Miskatonic 05:46
Miskatonic on the rise fool you cannot pass / This is revenge of the nerds like an atomic blast / This is Miska Mister T-O-N-I-C./.We found all hints – NOLA to the Pacific Sea / That is not dead what can eternal lie / And with strange aeons even death may die / So if you wanna get high of stars and sonic / Join the Marshall Ar.ts class of Miskatonic./ Cthulhu Cthulhu fthagn as we rise we’ll be / Like a GZA style triumph in the Wu Tang theory / War of the masses, Nyarlathotep passes / Carcosa and Xoth unite to turn on the basses / A billion.minds melt down by sounds of horns / Brave new world’s born from the ashes at Little Bighorn / So come on.baby & make the shit rough /.So come on Arkham, Dunwich, R’YLHEH or Innsmouth / It’s Miskatonic on the rise / No lights - just wisdom for each and every size /.All.I wanna do is do your doom doom doom….
Mad Man Sin 05:05
Don’t test me or we get nasty / No words we don’t need your talking there’s nothing to discuss (we know that you.don’t like the foreigners) /.We don’t care how you call yourselves cause one thing is obvious (we know that you.don’t like the foreigners) / It’s the Bass Sick Shit we don’t need your opinion ‘cause your opinion sucks (we know that you don’t like the foreigners) / You fools try every time the. same, try to. split into them and us (we know that you don’t like the foreigners)
Defkis: We heard the water speak, felt the spirit tweak / Showed the other cheek, to.the.ancient Greek / Made.our breeks.in the League of Extraordinary Geek / Digged the holes deep to dance in Holy Week / Rotten teak for our statue from Lalilque / While we seek our peak McPhee in.Dawson’s Creek / So stop the leak what a reek, what a heek / So stop the leak let me.be where is Zeak? easyE: easyE on the mic that means.one, two, thrive / Spitting.words like bubbles in a. waterpipe / Dipping my toe into the deep green tea / I’ll never.be a part of OCD society /.I’m a nit-picking clock-is-ticking grab bag / I’m in all.time for.something rad / In the streets, on the beach, at the bar / Open mind all time.Marshall Ar.ts Mashala / Spread diversity from SF to SXE / Try to get.ahead.of all the limits you can see / The guys are talking shit dropping names like diarrhoea / Me I.just drop labels: BPAD and BPD / There’s nothing to lose be sure tomorrow comes / Be bold and.unique just like soccermoms / and never ever judge people by their looks / Yo Defkis what is.written in the history books? Defkis: We drank the.floods of Trevi sank Lizzys Navy / We’re.the Jones, Casey, Indiana, Bridget and Davy / We’re metamorphic we’re maybe wavy / Crazy - Alphonse Louis to Eliphas Levi / Praise the yellow king! The pallid mask is talking./.Extraterrestrial raw Ching ask Stephen Hawking / This is more cryptic talking circumpolars walking / Never a.side-of-wall-thing never for the false ring… We got Louis on the head, Levy on tail / Coin’s flippin day.by day (don’t.stay!) - Louis on the head Levy on tail / Two sides but just one rail (won’t fail) / We got Louis on the head, Levy.on.tail / Coin’s flippin day by day (don’t stay!) Louis on the head Levy on tail / The light only betrayals....
Black Dogs 02:45
We draw the first page back from a foreign age / as times weren’t better nor fatter but some kind of sage / out of.space sun screamed like.a siren swarm / as Manuxet floats earth into brightness dawn / bewared declared a.shimmy shimmy blackened boom / the total eclipse downtown to Prometheus’ doom./ Delight the shame / Delight the shame boy / Delight the name / Delight.the name toy./ swamps raised to Mountains and splashed in orange skies / I saw geysers spitting black sludge into clouds of size /.I saw the storms blasting bulbs beneath the ground / a solo blast like black dogs on the brightness hound
To Russia with love this is Berlin calling / We spend respect put the hoods on and raise the stacks to all in / For.those who suffer, get ruffer and defend..every spot / For those who never give up and bash Nazis on the parking.lot / No messin around – we keep the real deal real / Like our names were Moscow Death Brigade or What We Feel /.Brightness hides kill the lights we’re. 36 in I-GING / There’s no forget or Forgive and time will never heal a thing / Snakes poison our scene for us it’s blasphemy / We. gonna cut off their tongues whenever necessary / Friends came on.Europe tour traveling 1000 miles / And get suspected and. rejected like they’re Criminals / All those Internet-Posers.come clear and check this / It‘s ‘bout life or death not political correctness / Switch your.brains on and switch your laptops off / Don’t mess around shout your mouth and play with Hasselhoff / But still they talk they talk and then they lie they lie / The truth is: None of them knows how to die to die / So if they talk they talk and if they lie they lie / Just show.them how it’s like to be the one who dies / We keep it up ya kid no one can break our spirit /. We fight attacks against our friends as we’re the one who’ve been hit / So throw your. fists in the sky if your feel the same way / Support our Bros and Sis.in good old Russ-I-A!


released February 15, 2021

Music by Marshall Ar.ts* / Recorded at Carcosa 36 studios Berlin
Lyrics by Marshall Ar.ts** / Mixed and mastered by Marshall Ar.ts
Artwork by Marshall Ar.ts ***
*following songs contain samples: Intro: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla / w.g.g.i.t.y.: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, DMX, A&E HCD on martial arts, Beastie.Boys & Dr. Alban / Mad Man Sin: Sonny Double 1, ODB, Mobb Deep & Das EFX / Russian Standarts: Iron Skies & Moscow Death Brigade
**except Al2El: Lyrics by Marshall Ar.ts and Bass Sick Shit
***except Graphic on the back from Matt Gauck, Except photo on this page and picture of Alex one side before:
Photo by Marco, other Fotos by Marshall Ar.ts and Najoka.

Marshall Ar.ts thanks
Our fans, our loved ones, our families, the fabulous people who built our.equipment, everyone who made this record possible, Bass Sick Shit, Mingus and.MingREC, Hellbach, Marco, Najoka, Matt Gauck from vegan patches, George from TSL Studio Equipment, the inhabitants of Carcosa, everyone and everything that inspires us, AL/EL, everyone we forgot – we love ya!


all rights reserved



Marshall Ar.ts Berlin, Germany

Marshall Ar.ts is floating perspectives. It is a band from Berlin that reinvents itself with every song. It is an uncompromising fusion of high gain guitar, drum and bass, breakbeats and symbolist shouting/rap. One minute, brutally hypnotic waves of guitar & synthspheres pervade your head; the next, funk-inspired bass lines, driving drums, & raps from the Pallid Mask. A black sparkle. Nintendoom. ... more

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